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Time and Style

Our worship service begins Sunday at 11:00 AM. Dress as you like. Some of our people are casual, some dress up. The music is usually a mix of contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns.

Will I Be Singled Out?

You will be greeted at the door and people will be excited to meet you. We won't single you out in the middle of the service, chase you down to your house later in the week (unless you want us to!), or sign you up for any weird magazines or newsletters. 


What About My Kids?

God loves families, and we do too. Children of all ages are welcome to worship with us during the service. We also have a nursery/cry room if needed.

Am I Expected to Give Money?

At a certain point during our service, we take up a voluntary financial offering. We view it as a chance to worship God and partner with the mission he has given us. As a guest, you are not expected to give money. Let the offering plate pass by you, unless you really want to give.


Get Involved

Serve Our Church

At Tanner UMC, we believe we aren't saved to sit, but to serve. We believe the Holy Spirit gives everyone gifts to serve for the common good (1 Corinthians 12). We're better together than apart! There are several opportunities for you to serve within the church. You can serve in hospitality, children, youth, music, technology, maintenance, small groups, fellowship gatherings, care ministry, our food pantry, our backpack program for Tanner Elementary school, First Priority at Tanner High School, and more. If you would like to get involved, or are curious about what you might be good at, get in touch with us. We'd love to let you experiment to see where God may be leading you to serve. Maybe you're thinking of a way to serve that we haven't even listed yet. We'd love to hear about it!

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Serve Our Community

There are many opportunities to serve our wider community. Each month, we partner with an organization that is doing kingdom work and find ways we can support them as a church. We call them our #TannerCares projects. 

We have done several things to help Tanner High School, from hosting a memorial service for a deceased student, to hosting the football banquet, to providing the Tanner Youth Sports cheerleaders a space to practice in. Every year, the Tanner Tractor Pull is a great opportunity to bless people who come from all over to see just how far their machines can pull a weighted sled!

There also are many ministries and organizations in our area who are making a difference and have volunteer opportunities. Check these organizations out, maybe God's leading you to partner with them!

Our Location

Tanner United Methodist Church

19607 Huntsville Brownsferry Road
Tanner, AL, 35671
United States

(Right next to Tanner High School)

Church Phone: (256) 232-0482


Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Fill out your contact information, send us a message, and we'll get with you soon.

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